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Forex Trading Account Management (MT4 / MT5) | Copy Trading |

To Get 14 Days Risk Free No Cost Trial

Real MT4/MT5 Account Management | Copy Trading Service

100% automated trading

100% Automated 

100% personalized

100% Personalized

Risk per trade

Risk Per Trade 1-2%

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your account (MT4 / MT5) like a PRO

on our User-friendly, Secure, and State-of-the-art Trading Platform


Avg. Monthly ROI




your Financial Goals with

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10-20% +



Try Risk Free No Cost 14 Days Trial - Yes, It's Free!

Thinking where to invest
We don't need physical cash to manage client's account


Avg. Monthly ROI



Easiest Way  | Invest in Forex Trading

"Entry-level experience preferred"

Our team of experienced professionals in Qatar is here to provide you with expert guidance for Account Management Services

If you're Unemployed | Jobless | Job Holder | Trader | Company Owner | Regardless of your current role, we can help you achieve your financial goals. Forex trading is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. Open a trading account with us and let our experienced team guide you to the next level.


Ok, Let's go ahead. First, Fund Your Trading Account with Minimum 1000$ to Unlimited

Fund your account with at least 1000$. The bigger, the better!

Open and verify your trading account from any below brokers 

FP Markets

IC Markets

Switch Markets

Robo Forex


Kindly choose "Raw Spread Account" type. 

It is highly inadvisable to send your money directly to someone to trade for you, as this poses a significant risk. Reputable hedge funds do not offer such services.


Send us only MT4 or MT5 Login ID and Password - That's it

To initiate the process, please provide us with your MT4/MT5 account login ID and password. Your e-wallet and broker login credentials are confidential and should not be shared with anyone, including us. Please note that we're not able to withdraw funds from your MT4/MT5 account. Even if you change your password, we won't be able to trade your account.


To see how our process works, please send us a request for free demo. We will be happy to walk you through the process step-by-step.


You withdraw profits every 30 days

We'll trade your account on your behalf

You sit back and withdraw your profit every month. You pay me only after 30 days from your profit portion only. If there's no profit, we won't charge any more! 

Our team of experienced traders will manage your account on your behalf, with complete transparency and security. You can monitor your account activity at any time, and even if you change your password, we will not be able to trade your account. To learn more about this whole process, please send us a request for free demo.

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Here, we set some examples to explain
you better


How is Profit Shared

You # 70%

Profit-sharing fees are calculated based on the net profit generated, excluding the principal investment.

19197535 (1)_edited.png

We # 30%

To clarify our profit-sharing agreement, if you invest $50,000 into your account and we generate a profit of $12,000 over the course of a month (that 30 days), you will pay us a profit-sharing fee of either 25% or 30% (Upon achieving a 100% profit in your account, a performance fee of 40% will be applied.), your preference $12,000. The remaining profit will be yours to keep.




Open a trading account with our preferred broker through our secure link to access exclusive benefits and broker related support

What our Clients Say


David, Australia

"I've entrusted my capital to numerous financial services, but none have matched the level of sophistication and security that your forex account management offers. The results have been exceptional, and my peace of mind is priceless."

Ethina, Poland

Steve Jack, Brazil

"As a seasoned investor, I've experienced various financial services, but your forex account management stands out for its strict adherence to hedge fund principles. The high level of security and consistent profitability make it an elite choice."
"I can confidently say that your forex account management is second to none. The fusion of hedge fund principles and top-tier security measures has not only preserved my capital but has made it thrive. Truly professional excellence."


Avg. Monthly ROI





hat Makes Us the Preferred Choice for You?


idden Market News:

Our hedge traders aren’t trading based on only floating news in the market!


ocus on Long Term Gain:

Our rigorous and disciplined positional trading strategy, informed by a deep understanding of fundamental, sentimental, and technical factors, positions you well to generate superior long-term returns!


roven Record:

We have a proven track record of success, and you want to book a demo requests, we'll manage for you.


xpert in 03 Analysis:

Our comprehensive approach to market analysis, which includes fundamental, sentimental, and technical analysis, provides a competitive advantage in a market where most firms focus solely on technical analysis.


xpert Risk Management:

Trade with confidence and peace of mind. Each trade contains only 1-2% risk!


valuate our performance objectively: 

We invite you to evaluate our trading style objectively by sending your evaluation account that is rare opportunity in this market.


/ 7 Client Support:

We're always here to help via live chat | WhatsApp | Telegram | Email


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See our Genuine Results

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