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Responsible Investment

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At fxTsignals, we recognize the paramount importance of Responsible Investment (RI) in safeguarding the interests of our clients and the beneficiaries of their investments. We understand the significance of prudent financial management, and our approach to RI ensures alignment with our clients' values and the interests of our shareholders.


At fxTsignals, we acknowledge the paramount importance of protecting the interests of our esteemed clients and the beneficiaries of their investments. This is precisely why we refer to it as Responsible Investment (RI), embodying the essence of luxury. We comprehend the significance of prudent financial management and our RI approach ensures alignment with the objectives of our shareholders and clients alike.


Our exceptionally sophisticated technology platform amalgamates data from various sources, encompassing external references as well as our exclusive proprietary information, enabling us to make astute investment decisions. It functions akin to an exceptional instrument that aids us in contemplating factors such as the environment, social concerns, and corporate governance while determining the optimal allocation of our capital.


At fxTsignals, we have an extraordinary policy known as the RI Policy. It functions as a guidebook that instructs us on how to acknowledge, wholeheartedly embrace, and uphold the advancement of RI practices in all our investment engines. We are firm believers in conducting our operations in a manner that reflects excellence and ensuring that responsible investing remains a significant element of our endeavors.


Fxtsignals embodies a sense of opulence in our approach to investments. Our stringent regulations not only ensure adherence to international benchmarks, but also empower our investment managers to devise their own distinctive methods for responsible investing.

Responsible Trading Policy

When it comes to utilizing fxTsignals.com or its social trading functionalities, our aim is to offer a luxurious experience. We strongly emphasize the importance of responsible trading, encouraging traders to exercise sound judgment and avoid emotional decision-making that may result in unnecessary losses.



If you are new to trading, it's natural to rely on instincts due to limited experience. However, exercising caution and not allowing emotions to dominate is crucial. To assist you in making better online trading decisions, fxTsignals.com recommends the following guidelines, endorsed by financial regulators:


- For major currency pairs, it is advisable to use a maximum leverage of 30:1.

- For minor currency pairs, gold, and major indices, a maximum leverage of 20:1 is recommended.

- Commodities, excluding gold and minor equity indices, should be traded with a maximum leverage of 10:1.

- Individual stocks and other reference values should not exceed a maximum leverage of 5:1.

- When dealing with cryptocurrencies, it is prudent to limit leverage to a maximum of 2:1.



Furthermore, it is wise to invest a maximum of 20% of your funds in a single trade and avoid allocating more than 40% of your total balance to copying a single trader. Smart investing entails utilizing low leverage and creating a diverse portfolio. This approach has been proven successful by the accomplished traders on fxTsignals.com.



Here are some valuable tips to become a more responsible trader: - Invest only in assets you thoroughly understand. Avoid following random tips or relying on gut feelings. Take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the asset's history and patterns before making any investment decisions. Remember, being a responsible trader means making informed choices and not allowing your emotions to dictate your actions. Happy trading!


Are you acquainted with this splendid phenomenon known as the Risk Score? It's akin to an exquisite instrument that aids in determining your stature as a discerning trader. Thus, allow me to elucidate: should one aspire to be an astute trader on fxTsignals, it is highly advised to sustain a Risk Score of 3 or lower. This serves as a dainty compass, guiding you towards prudent choices and maintaining your well-being intact. Truly stupendous, wouldn't you agree?


Mix it up! Don't place all your eggs in a solitary basket when it pertains to investing. If you prefer to avoid constantly monitoring your investments, opt for more effortless alternatives such as account management or our CopyTrader™ system.


When emulating another broker, ensure to evaluate their Risk Score, track record, and range of investments. ​



On occasion, individuals allow their sentiments to interfere with their trading. They may experience fear, greed, or excitement, which can result in poor decision-making. It is crucial to consistently adhere to a trading plan regardless of the circumstances. When formulating your trading plan, draw upon the aforementioned tips and give meticulous attention to: ​


- The amount of money borrowed for trading (maximum leverage)


- Incorporating various types of investments into your portfolio


- The risk scores and profiles of fellow traders ​


Should you have any inquiries about responsible trading, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support center at your convenience.

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