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Earn Every MonthProfessionally, Not Occasionally

What Is Affiliate Business?

Affiliate business entails earning a commission through the promotion and invitation of others to purchase products or services from another person or company. Affiliates select products / service they appreciate, promote them, and earn a portion of the profit for each sale they facilitate. Unlike one-time payments typical in other transactions, affiliate business involves recurring monthly earnings. The tracking of sales is facilitated through affiliate links, connecting one website to another.

What should you do before joining our Affiliate Business?

1. To begin, please monitor our activities by joining our 'Official Telegram Channel, click here,' as well as other associated channels. Note: We have a total of 30+ Telegram channels (Except Arabic Channels for Local Investors) related to this service.

2. Once you are content with our activities and performance, you can gain confidence and satisfy your clients.

Affiliate Business on
**Account Management**

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Affiliate marketor will achieve 10% profit

Recurring Profit Sharing with You or Your Company

Initial Investment:

1000$ to Unlimited

Your Client will invest in his/her own trading account

Process to Manage Your Client's Account:

Managed forex accounts

Your client will send us his MT4 / MT5 Login Credentials e.g. Account ID No, Password, Leverage info, and Broker's Server Name.

Please note that your client is not required to send any physical cash for account management. Additionally, sensitive information such as Broker Login ID, Password, or E-wallet Login ID and Password should be kept confidential and securely managed by your clients.

Profit Ratio Division:

We will apply a 'Performance Fee' of 30% on the profit portion only for clients referred by you. You will receive a monthly 10% from us (fxTsignals.com), while your valued client will receive 70% from the profit portion.


Explanation | Net Profit By a Month of You

Suppose, Initial Investment by your client is $100000

Suppose, We make profit $20000 end of a month. (According to 20%, sometimes it may vary)

Your valued client will achieve 70% e.g. $14000

We will charge as our Performance Fee 30% e.g. 6000$ 


You or your company will consistently receive 10%, for example, $2000, from fxTsignals.com every month, rather than as a one-time payment.

Payment Methods

Our Rules & Regulations

1. OUR COMMITMENT: Our Signal Service on average guarantees a range of 2000 to 3000 pips, while our Copy Trading/Account Management ensures a consistent monthly profit of 10 to 20% of the client's current investment in his / her own trading account. It is imperative for you or your company to uphold this commitment. We emphasize that client satisfaction remains our top priority. In the event of any unlawful activities by you or your company, fxTsignals.com reserves the right to terminate your membership.

2. We engage in logical and professional discussions here, treating forex as a long-term business venture. Any business, including forex, is not designed for overnight success. It is imperative that you and your company refrain from making unrealistic claims such as doubling accounts overnight or presenting quick-rich schemes. Providing false assurances to clients may lead to dissatisfaction when they are unable to attain the promised success or profit. Such actions have the potential to negatively impact our reputation.

3. We prioritize quality over quantity. It is essential for you and your company to choose clients of high mental caliber. A quality client not only contributes to our reputation but also has the potential to refer other high-quality clients, thereby enhancing our prestige and value.

4. You need to copy and paste our “Copy trading rules and regulations to your clients” click here for details

5. We consistently adhere to trading based on our well-established setups. If, at any point, we do not identify a favorable setup, we refrain from executing trades. It is imperative that clients who may not align with this approach reconsider their engagement with us.

6. Above all, it is crucial to select clients judiciously and engage with them in a logical and professional manner. A single ideal client, such as one holding a $100K balance, has the potential to significantly impact and improve your professional and financial trajectory. Choose your clients wisely, and communicate with them in a manner that reflects both logic and professionalism.

7. We aim to move steadily instead of making sudden jumps. Trying to take unnecessary leaps can harm our long-term goals.

Upon completing one year with unwavering honesty and integrity, we will feature you or your company on our official website. This inclusion will result in an increased profit ratio of more than 10% for you.


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