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No matter where you live, the forex market is always open. The world is huge and has different time zones, but don't worry about that. When you're awake, you can get our forex signals right away. It doesn't matter what time it is or where you are, you can ask for our signals anytime. Our service isn't limited by time zones or how far away you are. As a trader, you need a service like ours that understands you want daily live forex signals no matter where you are, so you can make the best trades. When you contact us, someone will respond to you right away.


          WhatsApp: (+974) 31251326 or click here

          Telegram: (+974) 31251326 or click here

          Phone: (+974) 31251326

          LIVE CHAT is available for 24/7





Please notice this below message - 

1. Please open and close your trades according to our direction 🧐

2. Never forget to set your S.L because only 1 signal can ruin your account if you don't set S.L! 

3. Please always set perfect lot size (Below $200 ➡ 01 or .02, No gold trade & for $500+ ➡ .04 or .05 / $2k + account ➡ click here) according to your balance! If you set big lot size, it can be the major reason to be failure !

4. Choose the best brokers and healthy capital. Poor capital is a reason for loss not to place multiple trades & best broker is helpful for trading (Proof ➡ click here)

Loss is very and very common issue in this business & profit and loss is an average calculation! (We try to achieve 700 to 1K pips / by month & its very logical to achieve! Profit should be calculated by month or year!).


1: Before 3 months you shouldn't withdraw your account

2: Profit sharing by a month in a suitable time 

3: **You must maintain "INVESTOR ID & PASSWORD" **

4: **You mustn't trade by yourself**

5: Market is always rough & uncertain so if any signals goes wrong, you shouldn't be anxious! Our head analyst will recover that!

6: You shouldn't pressurize our official team to grow your account quickly or changing lot size.

7: We don't trade without Stop-loss but investors won't be able to visualize the SL or TP point in mt4 software!

8: Our signals services & Investment activities are maintained by 2 different departments. So there is something dissimilarities here!

9: ***Please never close running trades from your side because if you close trades, it will be automatically placed that trades again and again until we close it from our server!!‍***

If you maintain above mentioned rules, we can ensure that you will be able to achieve your glorious success from fxTsignals.com

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