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It does not matter that where you live in the world. The forex market is almost always on. The world is a big place with different time zones. Don't worry about it. At the time you will be awake, you can get our forex signals sent to you in real-time. You can request to have them at any time of the day wherever you are. Our service is not limited by time zones or distance. As a trader, you will need a service like us, which understands that you need to get daily live forex signals wherever you may be, for the best trades. When you will knock us, a representative will response you immediately. 


          WhatsApp: (+974) 31251326 or click here

          Telegram: (+974) 31251326 or click here

          Phone: (+974) 31251326

          LIVE CHAT is available for 24/7





Please notice this below message - 

1. Please open and close your trades according to our direction 🧐

2. Never forget to set your S.L because only 1 signal can ruin your account if you don't set S.L! 

3. Please always set perfect lot size (Below $200 ➡ 01 or .02, No gold trade & for $500+ ➡ .04 or .05 / $2k + account ➡ click here) according to your balance! If you set big lot size, it can be the major reason to be failure !

4. Choose the best brokers and healthy capital. Poor capital is a reason for loss not to place multiple trades & best broker is helpful for trading (Proof ➡ click here)

Loss is very and very common issue in this business & profit and loss is an average calculation! (We try to achieve 700 to 1K pips / by month & its very logical to achieve! Profit should be calculated by month or year!).


1: Before 3 months you shouldn't withdraw your account

2: Profit sharing by a month in a suitable time 

3: **You must maintain "INVESTOR ID & PASSWORD" **

4: **You mustn't trade by yourself**

5: Market is always rough & uncertain so if any signals goes wrong, you shouldn't be anxious! Our head analyst will recover that!

6: You shouldn't pressurize our official team to grow your account quickly or changing lot size.

7: We don't trade without Stop-loss but investors won't be able to visualize the SL or TP point in mt4 software!

8: Our signals services & Investment activities are maintained by 2 different departments. So there is something dissimilarities here!

9: ***Please never close running trades from your side because if you close trades, it will be automatically placed that trades again and again until we close it from our server!!‍***

If you maintain above mentioned rules, we can ensure that you will be able to achieve your glorious success from fxTsignals.com