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We are the 1st Forex Hedge Fund in Qatar!!

 To Join our below channels in 1 click please ....

For Signal Service: 2000-3000 PIPs by month! 

For Copy trading or Account management: 10% to 20% Monthly constant profit until your death! 


fxTsignals.com is basically a HEDGE FUND for Forex ACCOUNT-FUND-ASSET along with FOREX SIGNAL provider company. It was set on non-officially in 2013. In every stage we are experiencing a lot of problems and we were solving that a better way. Its known to all that forex trading is not an easy matter. It has a lot of mental pressure and possibility to losing entire investments! But traders are very efficient to control every disasters situation around the market with strong hand. Now we are going to expose our dream as a virtual manner. We have no physical office here. Our all kind of activities are maintained by online basis from Qatar!

Our Mission

To be the successful investment management team in the world & generate world-class investment returns over the long term. We aspire to do so in a way that makes our partners and portfolio companies proud, as we build a unique, global investment platform.

Our Vision

We have this super cool dream of taking over all the money stuff in the whole wide world!

What we do

We're experts in helping people with stuff like sharing and trading money in the forex market. We also help make sure that the costs of borrowing money and managing finances make sense. We're really good at taking care of our clients' live forex accounts and we have great relationships with people from all over the world!

What we are

We're a super cool company called a consulting & and managing forex fund company, and we're based in the awesome country of Qatar. We've been doing this money stuff for over 12 years, so we know our stuff when it comes to banking and finance. Our specialty is finding really great ways to get money for different things.


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