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We provide 87% (+/-) accurate premium forex signals

To Apply Please 

"To earn instant money in forex trading is a matter of moment but to earn continuous money is a matter of huge moments" - SZR, Head Analyst


Verify our life-time FREE Signal service before starting - please click here

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fxTsignals.com is providing 87% (+/-) accurate Free and VIP signals! 

Monthly Continuous achievement: 2000 to 3000 pips! 

-Daily 2-5 Secured Signals! (Depends on Market's Condition!)
-On point signals! 87% Accuracy!!
-T-20 signals (100% accurate!) are sometimes Free!!

-Fundamental, Technical and sentimental analysis based signals
-Free premium educational materials!
-Monthly Achievement: 2000-3000 Constant Pips by each month!! 


How can I get this service? 

-To get this service you need internet connected android or iphone or laptop or PC and Telegram apps

-If you don't have telegram apps you may download from here or here. Note: Our all services are Telegram based. Its the most modern apps for fastest transfer signals!

-You need to open demo account (to judge our signals) or real account (to apply our signals for profit!) in a reputed broker and deposit money in your account; To know more click here 
-U need to have some basic knowledge e.g. how to place signals, how to set Take profit & stop loss
-If you don't know the basic, please click here

How will it be being operated?

Our business hour: Form Monday Qatar time 10 am to Friday 1 am. We provide limited signals in our official telegram channel for FREE! (click here) and all signals to VIP channel for paid subscribers!

How many packages for signals do you have?

We have 7 packages for premium signals scheme. For details please click here


1. Life-time Free!

2. Trial Period 15 days

3. 1 Month

4. 6 Months

5. 12 Months

6. T-20 / month

7. T-20 Trial / Only for 1 month

Rules & Regulation

To be successful at our signal service you will have to maintain some rules & regulations that are discussed below -

1: You should be alert always! Our signals can drop at any time. It depends on our analysts. When they will provide in our server, we will instantly upload that signals. There will no be any delay from our end.

2: If you delay to catch our signals, you should knock us first then place your signal according to our decision

3: Sometimes we don't provide "Take Profit". No TP 1, TP 2, TP 3, TP 4 based FAKE system!! You need to close those signals according to our decision

4: **You mustn't trade by yourself decision or other signals provider's decision**

5: Market is always rough & uncertain so if any signals goes wrong, you shouldn't be anxious! Our head analyst will recover that!

6: You shouldn't pressurize our official team to provide signals quickly. Generally we trade less than any other day on Monday!

7: We don't trade without Stop-loss so if you don't set your SL or forget to set your SL, we have no liabilities for your accident if it happens!

8: Our signals services & account management or copy trading activities are maintained by 2 different departments. So there is something dissimilarities here!

9: **Set your lot size according to your balance (for $100 to $1000 = .01 or .02) (for $1000+ you should contact us), if you set high lot size, it may ruin your account.** 

10. Broker is an issue for best trading success! You need to select best broker and its an asset also for you. click here to find the best brokers

11. Profit should be calculated by a month! 

If you maintain above mentioned rules, we can ensure that you will be able to achieve your glorious success from fxTsignals.com

We consider it as a business! And any business is not for 1 day!!! And we always try to talk here logically & professionally not magically!


be the witness of our revolutionary hedging style!

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