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To Apply please 

Maximum Drawdown 20%

We provide monthly logical profit 10% to 20% according to your current investment!

"To earn instant money in forex trading is a matter of moment but to earn constant money is a matter of huge moments" - SZR

Verify our "Copy Trading" service before starting - please click here

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fxTsignals.com is providing account management service successfully! Here we are providing constant monthly profit! 😱

Monthly Constant Profit: 10% to 20% (until your death 😱!!!!)   

If anyone invests (for an example) 100000$ ... his/her constant monthly achievement will be 10% to 20% it means 10000$ to 20000$ per month.... fxtsignals.com will receive 30% (3000$ to 6000$) and you will achieve 70% (7000$ to 14000$)


In a nutshell, Your constant monthly profit by 100000$ = 70000$ 


You may apply from anywhere in the world.

To get this service you will have to have a mobile phone or laptop or Desktop & then follow the below procedures -

Step 1: Open a live account in a reputed forex broker (Bad broker is always harmful for trading! to know about good brokers click here)

Step 2: Download MT4 or MT5 click here

Step 3: Connect your MT4 or MT5 with your broker live account

Step 4: Send your some information to us -- (Example: click here)

-Mt4 / Mt5 login ID & Password

-Broker's name (please try to choose best broker)

-Server name


Note: fxTsignals.com any official staff will not want your "Broker related information". Its confidential for you so you should not provide this details to anyone! 

How will it be being operated?

Your account will be connected with our master account & all trades will be being copied automatically to your account! There is no manual activities from your side & you will just enjoy our hedging style with your Android or laptop! 

Rules & Regulation

To be successful at our account management program you will have to maintain some rules & regulations that are discussed below -

1: Before 3 months you shouldn't withdraw your account

2: Profit sharing by a month in a suitable time 

3: **You must maintain "INVESTOR ID & PASSWORD" **

4: **You mustn't trade by yourself**

5: Market is always rough & uncertain so if any signals goes wrong, you shouldn't be anxious! Our head analyst will recover that!

6: You shouldn't pressurize our official team to grow your account quickly or changing lot size.

7: We don't trade without Stop-loss but investors won't be able to visualize the SL or TP point in mt4 software!

8: Our signals services & Investment activities are maintained by 2 different departments. So there is something dissimilarities here!

9: ***Please never close running trades from your side because if you close trades, it will be automatically placed that trades again and again until we close it from our server!!‍***

If you maintain above mentioned rules, we can ensure that you will be able to achieve your glorious success from fxTsignals.com

We consider it as a business! And any business is not for 1 day!!! And we always try to talk here logically & professionally not magically!


Thanks to go through it!


'be the witness of our revolutionary hedging style'

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